Acid Rinse: What is it?

Oh my God you’re probably saying, but i’m not crazy, i’m speaking about one of the oldest methods to get glossy and beautiful hair, without spending much, it is a low-cost remedy, the socalled acid rinse. Do you want glossy hair? Do you want silky hair? Well, you must try it and then you will tell me the result. Don’t worry, your hair will not do bad smell!

What is it?

It serves to close the hair’s scales, and remove the limestone caused by water, with whom we have washed our hair, after the shampoo or if you use after the shampoo the balm, after the balm; but the most important thing is to use it before drying hair, for this reason it is also called the final rinse.


  • Water
  • Apple vinegar or lemon

You can use a small bottle of water, for example, and put inside half liter of water and one spoon of apple vinegar or lemon, shake the bottle and stop! .. now you can use it after have washed hair and then you can dry as you want your hair.



and this is my result on my hair 🙂